Who I am and what I do

I’m an effective, efficient and loyal property consultant, who puts buyers in touch with sellers. I will be by your side seven days a week from listing to closing, ensuring your property sells smoothly and hassle free.

So this sums up what I do, so basically I’m your local estate agent who will do her utmost to sell your property in our lovely area, I live near  Horsforth railway station and moved in to the area in 2001 and am still here! Here is a little more about me, what I do, what I have done and some others who are involved in Leeds Property Consultants.

I moved from South Wales to Leeds in 1997 to go to university and I’m sure my parents, Mary and Anthony  rejoiced at my departure. You will hear a lot more about Anthony in later blogs, as Anthony   is a lawyer and he does do property, however he is very vague so exactly what he really does is still a family mystery, but he has got over 45yrs experience in law and property law.  My colleagues and  I spend time, cajoling, pleading and bribing him to get advice. ‘Ask Anthony’ has proven fruitful on topics ranging from Brexit, listed buildings with bats, leases on flats, disputes over fences and birds pooing on expensive cars in shared access properties.


This is Anthony in his Welsh kitchen making a mess, he is a very good cook.


This is Anthony again proudly wielding an Xmas present. It’s not something from South Park or Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, it’s a very rare and expensive German salami.


This is the car I drove to uni in, I bought it from the money I earned working as a waitress while my parents were on holiday. When Anthony came home from holiday and saw it in the garage he exclaimed ‘What’s that thing devaluing my house doing in MY garage’. Interestingly the person who helped me re vamp this car in 2003 is my lodger and also business associate, Paul Austwick. Paul does the fixing, mending, plastering, painting and beatifying of properties and gardens so they look their best when they go on sale.


Meet Paul, the property improvement consultant in our area.

I studied Genetics and Biochemistry at the University of Leeds, went on to do a PhD in protein folding, which in a nut shell  was about  disease such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, after that I worked on a project on the effect of statins on heart cells, about 13yrs worth of science. Below is a picture of my PhD graduation is 2006 with one of my tutors, Dr Andy Cumming. To my great amusement I remember Andy used to get periodic prank calls from giggly girls asking to speak to ‘Dr Orgasm’. Which I imagine continues to this day.


Then I worked in the fitness and wellness industry for 8 years teaching groups and individuals how to move and how to change their minds with hypnosis. I also studied and practiced neurology and I still continue to work with people with Parkinson’s disease and run workshops teaching the public and other health  professionals about the brain and nervous system. I’ve even been to the USA to present my workshop!


Our Pilates studio, and my place of work from 2010-2016


The remainder of my time is spent on my physical property business and my online e-commerce digital neurology business. So I’m pretty good when it comes to technology

My future blogs will provide you with useful information on buying and selling property, financing property, epic property fails, in addition to news and views on events in Leeds. I’ve got lots of friends with businesses in Leeds, so you will get to hear from them. If you have questions for myself or Anthony, please get in touch and we will answer.

Thank you for reading my blog


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