I’ve covered quite a few of the most common questions I get asked below. If there’s anything you need further clarification on or if you just fancy a chat about your specific requirements then please give me a call on: 07765 662579

What is a buyer agent?

As an independent buyer agents, our aim is to find suitable homes for potential buyers, in addition to supporting and aiding my clients throughout the buying process. Buyer agents are not common in the UK, but are regularly encountered in the US. As you know, estate agents represent the seller and their interests, we look after the buyer and their interests, but we also are very respectful of potential sellers and their interest, so in effect look after both sides. For a successful sale it requires just one motivated buyer and seller, our job is to find this match.

How can a buyer agent help me?

We can help you if you are new to the area or simply looking to upsize or downsize in the same area, as buyer agents we can make your search easy and effortless. We take a detailed description of the type of property you wish to buy, price range, location and ‘must haves’. We then  shortlist the most appropriate properties and provide an initial report for you to assess. Once the search has been narrowed down to a small number of selected properties, we arrange meeting and viewings with potential sellers. We accompany you to the properties.  We will negotiate the best terms on your behalf and progress to exchange of contracts as soon as  we can. Through our industry contacts and extensive network, we often have access to off-market opportunities that are yet to be openly advertised. In addition we are contacted by sellers wishing  to be whitelisted, if a suitable buyer requested our services. As we are not in direct competition with selling agents, we forge good relationships and can help each other. 

So your service helps me to buy as well as find a property?

Yes, we offer a complete property finding and buying service. Throughout the whole buying process and after completion, we can independently suggest suitable third party professionals such as mortgage advisors, surveyors  or tradesmen who are familiar with our way of working. 

Is all of this private and confidential?

Yes, of course, we will never share your details. Client confidentiality is of paramount importance to us  and we take client data protection very seriously.

What’s in it for me as a seller ?

The buyer pays for my services and I check them out, so they are serious and committed to buying. By using me I know I can save you, the seller, time and money as you the seller are not required to pay estate agent fees to market your home. You will still require a solicitor for your conveyancing. I will assist you the seller to have the relevant documents ready and complete so that the communication between solicitors is fast and streamlined, allowing a swift sale.

Yes but I can still just do this myself?

Yes of course you can! There are huge numbers of estate agents and online property websites, so  you could spend hours or days sending emails, making calls and arranging meetings, and still not find what you want. The best properties are often off market, as you know once a desirable property goes live on the internet it can get 1000s of views in a matter of minutes.

Following on from this is also fierce competition for the best properties, which often leads to losing in  frustrating bidding wars and having to start again from scratch.

It therefore makes sense to seek a different approach to buying a home as well as  some independent, professional advice.

How and when do you get paid?

All new clients pays us a nominal fee upfront, a retention deposit, as we need to know you are a serious buyer and we have to short list properties for you. Upon completion, we are paid a percentage of the purchase price and fully refund the deposit.

Which areas of the UK do you cover?

Our offices are based in Leeds. We primarily concentrate on Leeds and surrounding areas. We have good relationships with other buyer agents in other regions, so if we cannot help you we know someone who can.

What happens when I have bought my new home ?

We value or clients and want to have long term relationships. We will keep in touch to see if  we can help you in any other way and add further value. This could be assisting you with setting up your utility bills to get the best possible price or  providing recommendations for trusted tradesmen for building, painting and carpentry, electrical or plumbing work. We have good relationships with local businesses that are not property related, so we can advise on sports clubs, community groups, transport, crafts or food and drink.  This is particularly useful if  you are new to the area. We do not  charge you for this service, nor are we gain commissions by recommending third party businesses.

I’m interested in your services what do I do next?

If you give me a call  or drop me an email for a chat,  we will then arrange an informal meeting so I can find out how I can help you

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