Who on earth is Keller Williams ? I’ve never heard of them

In my last blog I introduced myself and Anthony, my father who is a lawyer, sorry solicitor ( He is very British) who does do property.

When I told Anthony about my property business he was NOT happy at all to start with. Who is Keller Williams? What is it? Where is it from? Are you insured? How will you put your properties on RightMove? Who got you involved in this ? What happens if you all go bankrupt? How on earth will you get a market share with the likes of giants like Manning Stainton on your doorstep? Why and how is Keller Williams different to other agents?

Anthony was worried, so In the end my business advisor Peter Dickinson spoke to him, who is also the Leeds Keller Williams Centre productivity coach.

So I will run through a short FAQ on  Keller Williams I prepared for Anthony as he asked many tricky questions. When you read I hope you  can understand why I’m so excited about property and why Anthony is now happy I’m not going to go bankrupt and be alone.

Who or what is Keller Williams and where is it from?

Keller Williams is an international real estate franchise company with more than 134,000 real estate agents, operating in 790 offices across the globe.

Founded in 1983 by Gary Keller and Joe Williams with the mission to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living for its associates,

In 1991, the company began franchising, and since that time has expanded across the U.S. exponentially, as well as in Canada, Indonesia, Southern Africa, Vietnam and Dubai. In 2012, the company ranked as the No. 1 real estate franchise on the 33rd Annual Franchise 500 list by Entrepreneur magazine.  In 2014, Keller Williams became the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count.

This video explains the history of Keller Williams and why it is the biggest estate agency in the world


Is Keller Williams safe for agents, those making a career change and the British public?

Keller Williams was designed to reward agents for working together. Based on the belief that we are all more successful if we strive toward a common goal rather than our individual interests. We stay ahead of trends in the real estate industry through our comprehensive, industry-leading training curriculum and research resources. It’s what prepares our team to provide you with unparalleled service.



Founded on the principles of trust and honesty, Keller Williams emphasises the importance of having the integrity to do the right thing and put the customers first.  The strong growth of Keller Williams is proof that when you offer a superior level of service, word spreads fast.

Our agents are on a different level because they are constantly trained, coached, assisted, motivated and most of all APPRECIATED!

How is Keller different to high street agents?

First and foremost, Ill get to the point. Money. I am financially motivated to sell homes as my payment is commission based. I don’t get a listing fee, which is a payment of around £200 that some estate agents charge to put a home on the market. Some companies offer a cheap rate to sell a home which is under £1000, but this is paid upfront, and if the home doesn’t sell then the money cannot be returned. So in a way I’m taking the risk when I choose to sell your home ! So it’s in my best interest to be honest and up front from the start.

If I feel I can’t sell your home, or sell it as it is I will tell you. I expect the same from you the vendors. Any issues tell me straight away and I will find a person to sort it out, please don’t tell me about the crack in the cellar on  the day the surveyor is coming. I’ve got a huge network of trusted professionals who will help us sell your home for the best price.

One of the main complaints that the public has about high street agents is communication. Keller Williams agents offer a bespoke personal service to the vendor to ensure they are kept up to date on the progress of their property sale. It is key that a property is presented property, as selling a house is in effect a beauty contest from the second it goes live on the internet.  Meaning, if I have to come round to cut the grass, turn lights on and help the home owner declutter the house, then I will. I will also manage and look for buyers, importantly motivated buyers with funds to avoid embarrassing financial complications later.

I work closely with solicitors and mortgage advisors so If in doubt I double check as property chains collapsing due to ‘cold feet’ or ‘I can’t afford to move now’ are a disaster for us, but they can be prevented if we all communicate from the word go.

There is more to Keller Williams  course but this is enough for today as it covers the key points of why choosing a Keller agent is a good idea. If you have any questions, comments, advice, please get in touch


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